What's bogging you down?

Business owners don’t get to wear one hat in their business.

My wife and I own an event venue and catering business that she runs. I see firsthand how business owners fight to run and grow their businesses day-in and day-out.

If you’re like her and most business owners, you have your hand in almost everything from operations to marketing and sales. It’s difficult keeping up with it all. You’re so busy running everything that some things fall through the cracks or don’t get the attention they deserve.
Now you’re ready to make a move on your marketing. You’re likely considering hiring a “marketing person.” It could be a designer, a writer, a current employee who likes marketing, or even a relative. While it may accomplish getting a person hired, you may not get the type of marketing that will help grow your business.

Imagine if there was a person to plan strategically alongside you. Someone who has worked on leadership teams, who thinks like a business owner, and can partner with you to build a marketing strategy and implement it. A person who will bridge the gap to sales, move customers to action, and build marketing momentum for your business.

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